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Welcome to Slotcarsdirect
I hope you find my website useful and informative and visit it often. Unfortunately for us HO fans many manufacturers have ceased trading now and a few of the ones remaining are pricing their cars at 1/32nd slot car rates. There are still bargains to be had and I will always try and source parts and products as and whenever possible.

HO4201 Corvette Body
£9.25p Each

HO4203 Corvette Body
£9.25p Each

HO4204 Corvette Body
£9.25p Each

HO4207 Corvette Body
£9.25p Each

The HO 1/64th Slot Car Event of the Year is at Derby, UK on the 5th & 6th November. Slotcarsdirect will be there. If you need anything, drop me a text or email and I will take it to the event.

These reproduction Aurora Corvette bodies are by HO Express of the USA and will fit the Aurora AFX, Tomy AFX and Viper chassis.

Viper Chassis Assembly
This is the chassis that has taken the HO 1/64th slot car world to a whole new level of racing and home track performance. Everybody loved the Tomy AFX Super G, but when it was gone there was nothing in Europe at this level to replace it until now. Slotcarsdirect are happy to be able to offer the No1 Chassis for sale to everyone in the UK & Europe, and it doesn't stop there, take a look at the range of upgraded parts that go with it too and this is increasing all the time.
Join the TOP racing clubs and make this your chassis of choice, why be in 2nd place when you could be in 1st Place on top of the rostrum. Viper also offer the V-Jet for those who choose to run non-magnet cars. This chassis is smooth & fast and allows real tail out action on the bends, tons of fun alround.

New High Quality Super G Body Clip in stock, including the low rider. Normal clip on the left, low rider on the right body. Find it on the Tomy or Viper Page.

Please note, we use the Paypal checkout system and this cannot work out the postage as we would like so you might be charged too much postage at checkout. Please do not worry about this as if we can send it cheaper, we will and you will be refunded.
Thank you.
HO Racing in the UK

There are many HO racing clubs here in the UK so why not give one a go, put that Xbox controller down and see if you can do it for real.
Contact Details:
Tel: 07900295247 including texts
45, Church Street, Denby Village, Ripley, Derby, DE5 8PA

Storage Tubes, holds 4 rear tyres, 1 armature or axle complete with tyres. Protect your parts from damage and contamination.
1 x Tube 70p each
3 x Tubes £1.80p set

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